Resurrection: A Historical Anthology of two Forgotten African-American Philosophers

Robert "Rob" Redding (Author)

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Syndicated talk radio host, award-winning journalist and best selling author Rob Redding has unearthed two forgotten black philosophers in his new book.

Redding's "Resurrection: A Historical Anthology of two Forgotten African-American Philosophers" is a well researched profile and definitive anthology of philosophers John Jasper and William Whipper. The book offers analysis on why Jasper and Williams are philosophers and fresh grammatically correct translations of Jasper's work. Jasper was a former slave whose works are found in broken English.

Renown philosopher Dr. Lewis Gordon, a distinguished professor at Temple University, has given the book his blessing with his foreword "The Underside of American Philosophy."

"I offer these reflections in celebration of Mr. Robert Redding’s resurrecting these instances of the thought of the Reverend John Jasper and Mr. William Whipper, two pioneers in African American thought. These are two thinkers guided by a religious-ethical sensibility, but their mode of struggling with them brought constantly to the fore a passionate commitment to truth and, it can be argued, courage," Gordon writes.

Texas A&M's Dr. Tommy J. Curry, a respected expert in Critical Race Theory, says the book "will contribute to opening up some of the thoughts and primary material for people to think about Black philosophy."  

Redding released the "Where's the Change? Why Neither Obama, nor the GOP Can Solve America’s Problems" in January. "Where's the Change?" landed among the top 30 books on last month. "Where's the Change?" was his second book since "Hired Hatred: Why politicians and the political prejudices they tout are mutually exclusive from good government," which was released in 2004.

Redding, who is known as America's Independent Voice, is the host of Redding News Review, a syndicated news/talk radio show heard nationally six days a week and editor and publisher of He has won an Associated Press award for his journalistic work.

"Resurrection: A Historical Anthology of two Forgotten African-American Philosophers" will be available via Redding Communications, Inc. on Kindle and


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