Redding News Review Ad Agreement

1. Parties: The parties to this agreement are Redding News Review, hereinafter called “Web site ,” and ___________________________________________________________________________,
hereinafter called “Renter.”

2. Property: Web site hereby rents the following Web site space to Renter for the term of this Agreement:__________________________________________________________________

3. Term: This agreement shall begin on ________________________________________ and
end on _____________________________________________________________________.

4. Rent: The rent for said property shall be $_________________________, due and
payable on _______________. The rent paid is non-refundable. Only checks and money orders are acceptable, made out to Robert Redding.

5. Security Deposit: Renter shall deposit with the Web site $ _____________________ to be
held as security deposit. This deposit will be returned in full, including any interest required, at the termination of this Agreement if, after inspection by the Web site, the premises are in good condition (normal wear and tear expected) and Renter owes no back rent.

6. Web site shall not be liable for any problems caused by internet provider.

7. Renter shall not lease, sublease, or assign the rented space without the written consent of the Web site.

8. Anything placed on the website by Renter must first have Web site’s written approval.

9. Renter agrees not to make any alterations thereon without the written consent of the Web site.

10. Jurisdiction for any disputes arising out of this agreement shall be Fulton County, Georgia.

11. Upon termination of this agreement, Web site may immediately remove Renter’s ad.

12. Additional Terms: __________________________________________________________


Website or Authorized Signee