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The first subscriber supported black news aggregation website and the oldest award-winning black news aggregation website.
The first talk program with a successful stand-alone global subscription following.
 About RCI  
The global representative of author, radio host, and smear painter Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.
A global talk radio syndication company.

    Welcome to Redding Communications, Inc. (RCI),  a 20-year-old domestic profit Georgia media corporation reaching thousands of users each week.

    RCI was founded May 5, 1996 by media maverick and innovating Chairman and CEO Robert "Rob" Redding Jr. to provide the best in media.

    RCI is the operator of innovative and leading website ReddingNewsReview.com. RNR is the world's first subscriber-supported and  oldest black news aggregation Web site. The site was founded by Redding in 1999 as X-Political.com and relaunched as RNR on March 25, 2002. Over the years, RNR has served millions of readers; has won Black Web Awards in 2008, 2009 and 2010; AllAccess.com says it is at the "vanguard of Internet news sites"; and it has been called a "an Internet clearinghouse for African-American news" by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The Web site's  reputation and reach is due, in part, to its news being syndicated by Google News. It's longevity on the Web and ownership of NewsBlack.com, which aggregates the site, further solidifies its near top search positioning in Google results. The site also continues to out innovate its peers by becoming the first to win subscribers, since switching to a pay-focused model on Oct. 19, 2013.

    RCI is the worldwide distributor of "Redding News Review Unrestricted", an award-winning independent nonpartisan news/entertainment radio program. The program is the first with a successful stand-alone global subscription following. The show's and its host have been named in the Top 100 by Talkers magazine and in the Top 10 in listener surveys conducted by RCI-owned BlackTalkers.com.

    RCI is also owner of NewsBlack.com. The site was founded in 2005.

    RCI also operates DrudgeReport.us, which aggregates ReddingNewsReview.com. Other properties include: RCI Publishing, a independent house for numerous Amazon.com best-selling e-books; BlackTalkers.com, the world's only media news Web site dedicated to black talk radio; 1996 creative startup Crystal Castle Productions, Inc., now RCI/Crystal Castle, purveyor of two Amazon.com best-selling albums, a musical catalog including early songs by platinum selling rap artist Bubba Sparxxx and sole worldwide distributor of abstract Sear Paintings by Smear Painter Robert "Rob" Redding Jr. (See SmearPainter.com and SmearPainting.com). RCI also operates RobRedding.com or RobertRedding.com, the definitive hub for information on the company's CEO Robert "Rob" Redding Jr. .

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