Redding News Review's new flexible subscriber system wins listeners, readers

By Staff

ATLANTA, May 12, 2014, 3 p.m. - Redding News Review this week has been taking in new subscribers using its "Name Your Price" finance option launched earlier this week.

The system allows readers and listeners of Redding News Review to name the price they can afford to pay for services.

"We have an innovative team that has been able to come up with how to convert people who are subscribing to radio only to picking up Web subscriptions," Redding said. "And now how to get listeners and readers to add our service to fit their budget."

"I have really missed your show," one new "Name Your Price" Washington state listener wrote. "What you are doing is very valuable." 

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Redding cut his free version of the Redding News Review Monday through Friday show from radio on April 1 and now makes the 'Unrestricted' version of his show available to subscribers only via his award-winning It is the only stand-alone subscription talk show and subscription news Web site in the talk industry.

The new "Name Your Price" plan comes as KKXX-FM and AM paid for exclusive rights to air a Sunday program in the Northern California market.

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Redding said the talk show is already breaking records with listeners from Paris to the Pacific and has now exceeded 60 percent of its subscription goal. The Web site, which went subscription in October, has already exceeded its readership goal.


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