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By Attorney Roy Miller

July 3, 2013, 9:20 a.m. - In 1994, I became the first and only person to have the N-word deleted from a major dictionary. It was mainly for the sake of innocent children. They are the ones that get hit by rocks of hurt thrown into a crowd, as though rocks donít hurt. I watched and listened to the panel discussion on CNN and three things stood out. First, the world is watching the publicís reactions to the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin out come, as well as, the Paula Deen out come. The soft approach and casual use of the N-word by the discussion panel seemed odd. Secondly, panel members made sure that they spoke the N-word. The panel seemed predictable and hand picked. And thirdly, no one, not even Don Lemon, mentioned how N-word usage affects children. 

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No matter what satisfaction adults get by using the N-word, it is our children that feel the hurt. Black children are treated like dogs on a chain, subject to the treatment of adults. It is wrong for adults to include innocent Black children and babies in their desire to satisfy their delight in having the N-word roll off of their tongue. There was the mention of historical significance; however, people on the street are not talking about history or origin when they use the N-word. No matter how you say it or spell it, we know what you mean. Adults have many reasons for why they need to force n-word usage on children. Adults do not have to fight to keep cuss words alive or make sure that they are in dictionaries; cuss words survive all on their own. We never consider the children. They are the innocent ones that look in dictionaries and see the demeaning definitions that point back at them. If you want to know how the n-word feels, donít ask adults. Ask the ones that feel the hurt, the children. I demand that Don Lemon and CNN ask Black children, how does it feel to be called the N-word? And, please donít hand pick in selection. Make it real!

(Roy Miller is a legal consultant for Redding Communications, Inc., parent company to ReddingNewsReview.com).


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