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New Black Panther Party head says Zimmerman should be 'worried', hits jury

By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

BRUSSELS, July 15, 2013, 9:30 p.m. - New Black Panther Party Head Malik Zulu Shabazz today said Zimmerman should be "worried" and said that the "disastrous" verdict was given by a jury that wanted to send a message that it is okay to, "Kill you nigger."

"That verdict was a travesty," Shabazz told Redding News Review.

"It was really some white jurors on that jury telling black people, 'To hell with you and to hell with your children,'" he told RNR.

"Those jurors were making a direct statement to black America, and they were telling us that, 'We are in fear of the black male, fear of the black man and fear of the Trayvon Martins and we are going to maintain this first, the right of us to kill you nigger.'"

He also said that Zimmerman needs to be "worried."

"Obviously he needs to be worried, according got his own attorneys and the news reports...," he said. "He will always be hunted and hated like the villain that he is and the demon that he is to many."

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He also had little faith of Obama being able to correct the verdict.

Shabazz, who is planning a Trayvon Martin march in New York City on Sept. 7, made the comments on this reporter's Redding News Review radio program.

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