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EXCLUSIVE: NAACP official seeks to strip organization of its nonprofit status


By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher

ATLANTA, Dec. 11, 2012, 5 p.m. - A suspended NAACP official today began circulating a petition to strip the organization of its nonprofit status.

"I am doing it because the NAACP is proclaiming to be helping the people in the community and they really are not," President of the South Suburban Branch of the NAACP David Lowery told ReddingNewsReview.com. "They are pawns for the Democratic Party."

"They should not be a nonprofit. They are only concerned with getting votes for the Democratic Party, and that's not freedom fighting. It more of a social club and after being president for a year and half, I haven't had any support from the national office. The only time I hear from them is when they want money."

Lowery was suspended from the nation's largest and oldest civil rights organization in October, after he said that he was threatened by Louis Raymond, the Illinois political director for Obama for America. He said that his own organization had sought to silence him from talking about the his claim of being threated during a series of interviews, including one interview on this reporter's Redding News Review radio program.

Shortly after appearing on Redding News Review, NAACP head Benjamin Todd Jealous suspended Lowery on Oct. 15, citing his interview with this reporter.

"You are directed to cease and desist from acting or holding yourself out as a member/officer of the NAACP," Jealous wrote.

Jealous gave three reasons for the suspension: "Violated “Cease & Desist” directive dated Oct. 4, 2012; Made defamatory and false allegations in a news article dated Oct. 8, 2012; and Failed to adhere to NAACP policy concerning engaging in political partisan activity."

The NAACP could not be reached for comment at press time.

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Lowery, who has been appealing the suspension, had already received a cease and desist letter from NAACP state President George P. Mitchell barring him from talking about the threats he said were made toward him.

"President Lowery, your comments today with radio station WBBM suggest many different things we should avoid saying and/or implying. We spoke earlier this day about what you termed as a 'threat' or action 'to intimidate you'. After listening to portions of the broadcast and communication from others, it appears as if you were overzealous in your comments and actions."

In one of the interviews, Lowery said Raymond, threatened him for not supporting Obama. Raymond was quoted to have said: “You know what? I know everything about you ... We’ve been watching you, and since you don’t support Obama, we’ll deal with you.” Lowery said Raymond then hung up the phone. Lowery has since filed a police report.


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