Disrupter: Pathway to Political Independence

Robert "Rob" Redding (Author)

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The three-time best-selling author, syndicated talk radio show host and journalist Rob Redding releases "Disrupter: Pathway to Political Independence" as a resource guide for independents.

"I am always telling people to get off the political party plantation on my show," Redding says, "'Disrupter: Pathway to Political Independence' tells people how to be an independent, how to answer questions about their views and how I deal with these issues, in a world where people want them to be just as hooked on their candidate as they are."

In "Disrupter", Redding says that he will not vote for an ineffective President Obama or a "racist" Republican presidential ticket of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

Redding writes in the book": "As a collective, the Romney/Ryan presidential ticket strikes me as way too white for a country that is getting browner by the minute."

"While we are on the subject of presidents, my true feeling is that Romney is a racist, due to the fact that he has remained a part of a church that has excluded and talked about blacks inappropriately for so many years. When Romney was asked about this, he did not say a word about it," he writes. "Romney’s running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan, is no better. Ryan is a Tea Party favorite who also does not mind being affiliated with a group that includes racists. As I have stated in “Where’s the Change?”, I believe that many members of the Tea Party are racists. At least one study has shown that the Tea Party and the xenophobic Birthers are very closely populated with the same participants. We also need only to look at the racist signs at many Tea Party rallies to surmise that there is a fringe bigoted element."

Redding, who calls himself America's Independent Voice, also lambasts Obama on everything from high unemployment in the black community to immigration.


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