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By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.


June 21, 2007, 9:30 a.m. - A white supremacist, responsible for the ongoing harassment of Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts, claims to be good friends with top level staffers at The Washington Times, and has been published numerous times by the publication.

The nationally syndicated Miami Herald columnist has received hostile emails and phone calls at his home in Maryland, as a result of Bill White's white supremacist-focused Web site publishing his private information.

"[Robert] Stacy McCain is a pretty good friend of mine, Francis Coombs is a big fan of our website," White wrote on his Web site in 2005.

Coombs is the managing editor of The Times and thought to be the hand-picked successor for the top job, should his boss Editor-in-Chief Wesley Pruden resign. McCain is an assistant national editor at The Times.

Coombs' secretary told Redding News Review that he does not know White.

McCain, who has been linked to a pro-slavery group in the past, admits to knowing White.

"I first encountered Bill White who was, at that time, head of something called the Utopian Anarchist Party. He later, I believe, changed the name of his group to the Libertarian Socialist Party," McCain wrote in an emailed response. "In the past few years, Bill has associated himself with neo-Nazism. I have no explanation for this bizarre turn, except as a continuation of his tendency toward radicalism.

"The 'link' you assert is non-existent, and is irrelevant to anything happening in 2007" to Pitts, McCain wrote in an another emailed response. "That kind of thing is completely wrong. Opinion journalism should be provocative, and provocative opinions will necessarily generate strong disagreement, but disagreeing with someone's opinion should not lead to death threats, slurs, etc."

What's more, White has also claimed to know Coombs' wife, Marian Kester, who has also been tagged a racist in the past.

"I once suggested to Mrs[.] Coombs that the Washington Times should more virulently criticize the Zionist Entity," he wrote in 2005, "and she told me that several Jewish columnists -- Charles Krauthammer, Norman Podhoretz and AM Rosenthal, among others -- had threatened the Moonie organization if they ever took an anti-Zionist stance."

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A Redding News Review investigation confirms that White has written numerous letters published in The Times.

According to his own blog, his writings have appeared in The Times on "Page A2", a section McCain is responsible for, at least four times: 

1. "Insanity Factories", Washington Times, Page A2 March 9, 2000
2. "Southern Pride", Washington Times, Page A2 June 13, 2000
3. "Hate, hate, hate", Washington Times, Page A2 June 26, 2000
4. "Musical Nihilism", Washington Times, Page A2 June 27, 2000

White was also quoted in The Times on April 30, 1999.

The article, reported by McCain, praises the "courage" of two Columbine High School killers.

McCain reported that White wrote a "salute" to the two teen-age gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold on his Web site.

The "two young men who had the courage to strike back against the system, even if their strike back was somewhat misguided in its aims," McCain reported.

Redding News Review exclusively reported earlier this week that White is now publishing Pitts' address and phone number in hopes that his followers confront the respected black columnist.

"Frankly, if some loony took the info and killed him, I wouldn't shed a tear," White has said.

He is upset at Pitts' recent column, which states that the death of two whites is being played up by conservative columnist and bloggers.

Pitts has declined to comment about White's link to The Times or the threats to his family.

This is not the first time White has harassed a family by posting their personal information on the Web. He did the same thing to a suburban Washington family back in 1996, after hearing some allegations, apparently secondhand, about the parental mistreatment of a girl.

"The mother 'had a nervous breakdown characterized by extreme paranoia, fear and shock,'" according to The Times.

"Thanking his colleagues in cyberspace, Mr. White issued a brief message that the calls were no longer necessary; the damage had been done," the paper reported.

[Note: The author of this story is a former reporter for The Washington Times]

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