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By Robert "Rob" Redding Jr.

Editor & Publisher    

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 12, 2005, 12:12 a.m. - More than half of the newly formed National Black Republican Association's board of directors has walked out, according a now former high ranking board member.

    Christopher Arps, the association's former communications director, claims he and six others resigned from the "10 person board" in an e-mail to Redding News Review.

    "The organization and it's current leadership is heading down a much different direction than was envisioned by myself and the other board members," he wrote. "I personally wish nothing but success for the organization."

    BET had reported that the association's board was "15 members" large.

    Officials at the association could not be reached for comment, because the group's Web site was down.


    The group was founded just last month, to increase the number of Black Americans who vote Republican and are active in the Republican Party. 

    The exodus comes as President Bush has come under fire for his administration's slow response to Hurricane Katrina, a storm in which many blacks died.   

  Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman once said: "In reaching out to African Americans to give them a choice, what the [the association] is doing is more important than what I am doing."


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